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Builderall Vs ClickFunnels – Which Is Better?

Builderall vs ClickFunnels – Which is Better?

Builderal Vs Clickfunnels Comparison: Which is the most suitable for your online business?

In a world of several marketing tools and as an aspiring entrepreneur, you wish to employ a system that will really streamline your sales funnel process and help you obtain leads and higher conversion rates.

Both Builderal and Clickfunnel serve this purpose and they look similar at first glance, but they have different options and features each, beyond their common ground. The following is an unbiased review and comparison of both of these online marketing tools along with a final verdict of which is the best option for your business:

Builderal Key Features and pros:

  • Features a wide range of quality marketing tools for just $30/month. This allows you to save more money in the long run as opposed to sparing it on different marketing tools which could end up costing you a 3-figure amount.
  • Offers 10K leads for a basic pack at a fraction of the cost of other marketing tools (others charge as high as $165 for this). That’s a good start for small or medium-sized business.
  • No tricky plugins to use. No need to integrate extra plugins and bother yourself with coding and technicalities to launch functional sales funnels as in the case of WordPress developing.
  • Unlimited domain connection to your websites compared to other platforms like Wix which only let you link just one domain. Very useful for multiple website owners,
  • Useful for nurturing leads, encouraging sales, and profits by virtually every business (B2B or B2C) and any online marketer out there.
  • Offers multiple sales funnels that would otherwise cost $$$ or $$$$ per month to use in total.
  • Comes with a 30-day no risk money back guarantee in case you aren’t truly satisfied with your trial and purchase.
  • Allows the development of a countless number of websites, blogs and membership sites under one host.
  • Simple drag and drop designing tool with no technicalities and coding knowledge necessary.
  • A whopping collection of 1000 professional templates to choose from.

Builderall is an all in one online marketing tool that is aimed towards newbies who enjoy using quality market tools at a shoestring budget, Software and SAAS buyers looking for quality features under a single umbrella, Email marketers and list builders, as well as online marketers in the “Make money online” niche.


  • Frequent software glitches that take some time to repair
  • Slower performance compared to other platforms
  • Takes more time to launch multiple sale funnels
  • Doesn’t come with sufficient customer support

Now, in regards to Clickfunnels, who also happens to be a big player in the biz, there are a few areas that it lacks compared to Builderal and some areas that it definitely takes the lead.  As in the case of Builderal, the platform has several features that allow you to build multiple sales funnels–from landing pages and email lists to live webinar hosting and billing details.

By using Clickfunnels system, you have access to the following perks:

  • A robust drag and drop page builder that allows you to customize your pages in just a few minutes
  • A wide range of highly efficient and professional templates to choose from that encourage higher lead conversion rates with no coding skills necessary
  • Great customer support and lively, helpful community of users
  • Top-level webinars, guides and training videos with useful tips and perks to maximize your user experience and value out of using the Clickfunnels platform


  • Doesn’t allow easy migration of data, in case you wish to stop using the platform. You can do it but you will need extra time and effort.
  • A pro package costs $100/month which may appear too much for a small business or marketer on limited a budget.
  • Compared to Evergreen business programs and stealth seminars, the platform isn’t as rich in features as it appears to be.
  • Allows only a simple video integration into a page which only allows limited emailing responses and nothing more. If you wish to get more in this regard, you should use Intrasoft, Ontraport, or even Active campaign.

Final verdict:

All in all, these two platforms really do what they promise to do–offer valuable sales tools that are necessary for growing a successful online business. If we take the “value for money” aspect into account, Builderal definitely wins here as it costs just $30 a month and offers several features and tools for this price, without sacrificing its quality of features. However, despite a much higher price, Clickfunnels performs better in terms of customization, ease of use, and most importantly speed and functionality. Tasks that take hours in Builderal take minutes to build and launch in Clickfunnels. And if time is also money for you, Clickfunnels is a handier option as you grow your online business. You will pay more but you will save tons of time and effort building your sales funnels as opposed to the buggy Builderal platform.

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