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Free Book – Expert Secrets Review 2018

Expert Secrets Book Review

In the world of self-promotion, there are many ebooks that promise you the world and the stars and we have been raised to believe in the LIE that we can do everything that society tells us, attend school and college, get good grades and follow a path to riches that isn’t particularly fulfilling.

Russell Brunson’s new book called Expert Secrets debunks this lie and teaches the rest of us how to market ourselves and follow a path based on our real skills and capabilities, that ultimately leads to success.

So What Is The Book All About?

The Expert Secrets book is a 267-page paperback filled with insider info like steps and strategies to promote yourself professionally. This book essentially functions more as a step-by-step guide and success roadmap rather than a theoretical ebook. It utilises real-life case scenarios and guides you on a path of realising who you are and what you can do to generate a huge wave of action that makes you an expert and authority in your niche. As a result of following the principles of this book, you will be able to have an impact on the professional lives of others, as they will seek you out for expert advice and resolutions to their problems.

The program is tried and tested, as evidenced by the author himself. Many consider this a masterpiece of actionable ideas, as it makes you realise you are an abundance of ideas that aren’t only interesting and fun, but you can use to your advantage to generate some serious profits. He highlights in his book, a step-by-step plan to achieve this life-changing status and become a master of your destiny.

Who Is The Author of Expert Secrets? Whats The Story Behind It?

Russell Brunson is a young entrepreneur who has managed to establish himself as an authority in the sales and marketing niche, after making a fortune in this field. He also happens to be the founder of the well-known ClickFunnels system, which is an online based sales funnel service that hosts many features targeted to people who seek to market themselves and their products or services on the web, without having to do everything on their own from scratch.

Russell has also authored similar self-help books which revolve around the same niche e.g online marketing. Today he remains a popular motivational speaker and coach who likes to spend his free time in the countryside and hosting seminars together with other established entrepreneurs on the topic of successful business planning and strategies.

Initially, he came up with the idea of creating Expert Secrets after a random incident with his friend. As he was running out of money and solutions, one day, as he was hanging around with his buddy, they both had this crazy idea to create a potato gun, but had no clue how to build it. Soon they have found written instructions and begun setting it up. As they made this step-by-step, they noted down all the essential steps and procedures, made a video of it, and shared it with others on the net. This process and philosophy behind it, has given birth to the Expert Secrets system that we know today and the info has been repeatedly upgraded ever since.

What Can I Gain From Reading This Book?

By following the steps, strategies, and expert tips and secrets contained in this book, you can efficiently start developing your affiliate web-based business and promote yourself in the best light possible.

In the first chapter of the book, you will learn the elements of being a charismatic leader and how you can set the ground towards developing your actions. In the chapter that follows, you will learn about the right mindset to inspire trust in yourself and your clients so you can become the captain and authority of your business, and in the third chapter, you will learn methods to approach your target audience so that you pave the way for new channels of interaction and enabling constructive discussions.

After learning the basics in the previous chapters, in the fourth section, you will learn all the final steps to start generating profits. Finally, in chapter no.5, you will learn all the info and methods you need to know to take advantage of each and all of your funnels you have developed.

How Much Does This Book Cost?

In popular marketplaces like Amazon, the book costs $19.95. However, Russell is currently giving away his book for FREE through his own website and charges only for shipping costs.

Final Verdict

Overall, the book Expert Secrets contains a wealth of info that the average business person can use, as the author outlines a step-by-step approach to promoting yourself effectively and taking advantage of sales funnels to generate profits. Even though Russel does indirectly promote his other child ClickFunnels system in the book, you don’t have any obligation to use it as the rest of the info contained is really valuable and allows you to build a marginal boost of your own marketing attempts as a MLM or an affiliate marketer.

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