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How to Make Money As a ClickFunnels Affiliate

How To Make Money As A ClickFunnels Affiliate

If you are an online marketer already, chances are, you have already heard about ClickFunnels and how vast its potential is. However, in order to make the most of its potential, you have to take some time and evaluate what it can really do for you as an affiliate marketer. The platform itself has its own affiliate program called “Share Funnels” which allows you to generate some cash easily through affiliate commissions.

So why should you promote ClickFunnels?

The program is currently on top of the list of profitable affiliate opportunities for many marketers and there are quite a few reasons why. Here are some:

  • It offers a generous 40% recurring commissions for sales made via Clickfunnels including sales of all related products offered under the Clickfunnel umbrella and by its creator, Russen Brunson like his webinars, books, and continuity programs. Plus, you get an extra 5% commision for every sale affiliates signed beneath you manage to land.
  • The program comes with “sticky cookie” perk which means that once a client has clicked your affiliate link, they will get their sticky cookie and commissions will keep rolling in on every product bought through your sales funnel.
  • An extra reward for dedicated ClickFunnels affiliates is covering the lease of your own dream car. If, for example, your register 100 ClickFunnels clients that already made a purchase, ClickFunnels will pay you $500 for the lease of your dream car. If you get 200 sign-ups, that would be $1000 and so forth.

How To Become A Share Funnel Member

Share funnels is a great affiliate feature to use for getting commissions. Its core philosophy is this: every funnel you set-up in your account comes with an exclusive share funnel url which you can copy and share with others. When somebody clicks on that unique link, they will be redirected to a separate page that gives them info about that particular funnel and encourages them to install it, after signing-up and creating a new user account. There is a full instructional video that guides the buyer through every step of the process. Once they decide to stay and become a paying member/make a purchase, you will receive an affiliate commission.

The steps of getting your own share funnel url are as follows:

  1. Sign-in to your account and check or edit the funnel you wish to share
  2. Head to the Settings section
  3. Scroll down the screen until you notice the “Share this funnel URL” blue field.
  4. Copy and paste that unique url to share it with others

How you can make money using Share Funnels

1. Develop your own sales funnel to sell your own product/service

The primary way to get yourself familiar with the platform is diving deep and using it to promote your own products or services. Whether you have a physical or digital product, you can use ClickFunnels to set-up your sales funnels and start making sales. You can either upsell or downsell your sales funnels as you wish. And once you finally start to make some good sales, you can then you your own success story as a proof to influence others to join and become paid members via your share funnel link.

2. Use your share funnel in content upgrade

Share funnels are in many cases highly beneficial to include in your content upgrades. You can for example, share with others how Clickfunnels has helped you earn an impressive 4-number figure per month showing some legitimate proof. Of course, many people will find it interesting and will gladly sign-up and give you their emails for future content upgrades. And this is where you can use your share funnel link so they can too potentially join and have a piece of that success.

3. Set-up funnels for local companies in your region.

This way of making some cash takes more time and effort compared to the previous ones, but it’s still a good source of supplementing your income. As a matter of fact, not many regional businesses have the time, effort or even knowledge to generate sales funnels and grow their business. This where you can step up and suggest a sales funnel campaign that matches their goals and needs. You, will both agree on a specific budget e.g $500 and get cracking. Once they accept your offer, will will share with them your share funnel url and get them to register first so they can use that sales funnel. If they find it useful, they are going to maintain their membership and you will keep getting repeat commissions as a result.

4. Offer your own sales funnel building service

Clickfunnels is so widespread that Clickfunnels partners and consultants are popping up everywhere. Why not becoming a clickfunnel consultant as well and set-up your own service business to help others with their sales funnels? The more you use any sales funnels, the more you become adept at it and be able to share your practical knowledge with others. Remember that for every sales funnel you set-up and sell, you’ll have to share your unique url so others can use it, become paid members, and earn you commissions.

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