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Make Money Online With ClickFunnels 2018

Make Money Online with ClickFunnels 2018

How To Use ClickFunnels To Make Money Online

Everyone would like to generate some cash online but the question is, is it really possible and realistic? The answer isn’t an easy one because roughly, the web is full of fancy schemes and scams that simply serve only their creators while the rest simply get their hard-earned cash wasted.

There isn’t any autopilot program that can’t generate money for you overnight–however, for anyone looking to generate some solid income on the side (or even more than that), there are some reliable platforms and opportunities that will help the marketer or business owner make money a bit of time and effort. And in this report, we are going to give you all the scoop on Clickfunnels.

What exactly is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels basically is a software and sales funneling platform founded by Russell Brunson. The guy has been an avid online marketer who had the vision of creating something that will help online marketers and business owners develop their sale funnels from start to finish. That includes building land pages, incorporate email providers, payment transactions, social media integration and other key sales funnel features. Ever since its launch, the platform has grown out to generate $100 million in sales and measure more than 60K subscribers.

So can you gain cash from ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels is oriented mostly towards marketers and online business owners who have their own products or services to sell online. However, if you don’t have anything to sell or just don’t have the time or money to spare for promoting your own stuff, you can still make some cash by becoming an affiliate. Here are  some details regarding each of these options:

Making money as an affiliate

If you want to gain a good commision % without actually selling any products and services, becoming an affiliate is a great idea. The process of becoming a Clickfunnel affiliate isn’t as hard as it looks. The platform is already popular and you won’t need to go to great lengths to convince someone to sign-up and buy a Clickfunnel pack. Just like any other affiliate marketing opportunity though, the key to success is adding value to your materials. For example, you may write informational posts, tips and trick guides on using the platform, offer tutorials on YouTube and any other materials that people would gain some value from. If people find your affiliate content useful, they are more likely to spare their cash to use it.

Sell your own products or services

The most traditional way of using the platform to make some $$$, is through selling your own products and services. The entire platform is designed for this purpose–helping online sellers organize and optimize all their sales funnels to draw leads, sales and eventually repeat clients.

Some examples of profitable products and services you can offer:

  • Physical goods. Physical goods will never get out of demand and regardless of the items you sell, Clickfunnels will help you build your sales funnels and promote your stuff every step of the way. It could be something physical like a pet supplement or DIY jewellery–or even a digital good (ebook, digital art). If your product has a unique value proposition, is low in competition, and comes at a reasonable cost, combined with your marketing efforts, you could be racking up thousands of money every month.
  • High-ticket consulting. Offering High-ticket coaching services through Clickfunnels is a great way to earn some extra cash if you really know what you are doing. In this case, you could setup a “lead-to-application-to-phone-call” funnel. Of course it’s a bit tricky to setup, but it could be highly profitable once you put the effort and add some value to your content.
  • If you are hosting an upcoming webinar that would benefit people in a specific niche, Clickfunnels will make the process a piece of cake. The good thing about webinars is that they are more engaging and make excellent pitching channel for your product or service. A webinar is great way of directing a lead to a phone call and then closing a deal with your client and the platform can certainly help you with this.
  • Continuity programs. Continuity programs may not be considered a direct sales funnel but they can help you make passive income, even when you sleep. Free trials and special discounts for existing customers are good examples.

Charge people to build their sales funnels

If you are a good sales funnel developer but haven’t succeeded in promoting your own stuff, despite your dedication and time spend, perhaps charging others to develop their sales funnels could be a great idea to get some cash. Credibility is very important to convince people to make business with you. And you can achieve credibility by becoming a Certified Clickfunnels partner. The process isn’t easy for beginners and does cost money, but consider this as making an investment that will help you earn more $$$ in the future.


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