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Instapage Vs ClickFunnels – Which Should You Buy?

Instapage vs ClickFunnels – Which Should You Buy?

If you wish to convert your website visitors into handy sale leads and ultimately clients, you will come across a whopping range of marketing options to streamline the process.

Both Instapage and Clickfunnels are popular platforms used by thousands of online businesses in this regard. The latter is an online marketing platform that lets you develop everything you need for sales funneling–from landing pages to email autoresponders and the marketing of new products or services and special perks to your leads. The first is a special tool that is useful mainly for developing attractive and enticing landing pages with a high conversion potential for PPC campaigns ads and social network marketing.

If you can’t make up your mind on which option is the greatest, we have made things easier by making a brief breakdown and comparison of their biggest strengths and weaknesses.

The common features these two share are their landing page options; which is the main feature of Instapage, while Clickfunnels has a host of other features for sales funneling as well. They also both have several templates to choose from and customize as well as A/B testing modes, to see which landing page performs the best.

Instapage Pros:

  • Allows the easy customization and the creation of beautiful looking and functional landing pages. Choice among 100 professional looking templates..
  • Embedding personalized HTML, Javascript, and CSS for further personalization of the landing pages is really easy.
  • A/B testing modes with extensive performance and conversion stats which allow you to maximize the impact of your landing page over time and raise your ROI of the money spend for online ads.
  • Enabled WordPress integration via its special WordPress plugin so you can add your landing page to your WordPress effortlessly.
  • Even though this a single standalone program, it is compatible with a wide array of ESPs like Mailchimp so you can generate your email sales funnels.
  • User-friendly interface with no technical coding skills needed
  • It costs only $29/month for a basic package.

Instapage Cons:

  • It doesn’t offer any other sales funnel tools

Clickfunnels Pros:

  • Since it offers multiple sales funnel tools, you won’t need to buy and use several separate tools to manage the online marketing aspects of your business. You can do it almost all with Clickfunnels.
  • Even though it doesn’t have the most robust landing page developer in the world, it’s very easy to use, even for beginners with no prior developing/coding knowledge. The drag and drop interface allows easy customization of headings, subheadings, videos/multimedia, and other features.
  • Developing an email marketing campaign for your sales funneling is pretty simple and you don’t have to use any other autoresponder tool e.g Mailchimp as Clickfunnels can arrange this for you.
  • If you connect it to Tillio, you can forward SMS messages to your list of email subscribers so you can boost your reaction rates.
  • You don’t need to operate several SAAS programs to run your sales funnels as Clickfunnels will do it all in one single tool.
  • Access to a whole library or templates for any type of business or marketer
  • Easy WordPress integration
  • Compatibility with e-commerce stores like Shopify.

Clickfunnels Cons:

  • As this a general sales-funnel tool with a little bit of everything, there is no single tool or subcategory that sets itself apart from the others or even softwares like Instapage who specialize only in one category e.g creation of landing pages.
  • There are some small chances you will experience hosting and accessibility problems when migrating your data there.
  • Even though Clickfunnels is aimed at the average person without any coding and technical skills, advanced and seasoned web developers may find that it’s not an open-ended tool that allows advance coding integration for further customization of its pages and tools.
  • The price of $100/month which is the pro package, may appear a tad too high for marketers and small to medium businesses who are on a small budget.

Final verdict:

If we take into account and isolate only the purpose of developing a beautiful and customizable page from scratch, Instapage really delivers in that regard and better than all-in-one platforms like Clickfunnels. Therefore, if you have arranged other sales funnel aspects already and you just want a landing page, perhaps Instapage is the best option for your case. However, if you are in need of other sales funnel tools as well, Clickfunnels offers better value for your buck, even though it may look costly as a start. You get to use multiple sales funneling tools like email subs management, sending of sms, and arrange monthly billing details of your clients all in one platform without having to purchase anything separately (in fact, if you did so it would cost you $$$ or even $$$$/month if you are an agency).

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