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Top 5 Landing Page Mistakes You Need To Know

Five things that can destroy your landing page

Beginners and seasoned pros alike both have to tweak their landing pages. No one is immune from it. A successful marketer anticipates changes in their landing pages. Sometimes those who make their living online can become desensitized by everything around them. This is why it’s important to always inspect your landing pages before they go live. You’ll even want to pay close attention even when you’re sending visitors to them. Some issues won’t pop out at you until the conversion rates start to pour in.

Colors clash or melt together

The colors of your landing page are extremely important. You don’t want them to melt into each other. You also don’t want the colors to be too loud and noisy. You want the offer to be front and center. What you don’t want is the visitor to be confused by the color scheme. Keep it simple and to the point. Make sure your call to action button is highly visible and easily accessible.

Never use a templated landing page

Beginners often times don’t customize their landing page. This is a huge mistake. Just think about how many newbies do this. It’s done so much that visitors become desensitized by it. This will lower your conversion rates. With today’s technology you don’t have to be a tech wizard to make a unique landing page. You just need to spend a small amount of time doing it. Don’t be lazy and just whip up anything in five minutes. You won’t make a single red cent doing that.

Don’t overestimate how many people will watch your video

Every person who makes a video thinks that everyone is going to watch it. They won’t. In fact, a very small percentage will actually watch it. Even fewer will watch the entire video. The mistake marketers make is they assume every single visitor will watch the video. They fill the video full of information and don’t put it on the landing page as text. This is setting yourself up for failure. You should anticipate a very small percent of people watching your video. With this mind, write your landing page text accordingly.

Stock photos make you look phony

They also make you look really lazy. You can use stock photos on blog posts. You probably shouldn’t though. The one place that you should never ever use a stock photo is a landing page. Stock photos spread on the internet like wildfire. The visitors to your site will make a snap decision on your expertise about the subject. A stock photo tells them that you’re not legit and you’re just spouting out useless information. Use a custom photo each and every time on a landing page.

Your call to action button is way out of line

It’s easy to forget that the reason you’re building a landing page is to get the end user to give you their email address. There are so many things to get caught up in while building your page. You should always make sure that the call to action button is clearly visible. You don’t want it to blend in with the other graphics or text. You can’t expect a visitor to sift through your entire page to find the call of action button. They will simply hit the back button before doing that. You’d do the same exact thing too.

This is probably one of the most important things people over look. Your call to action button needs to stand out. Red is a great color and it gets noticed. The button should be immediately noticeable to anyone who’s looking at it. If there’s any doubts the end user will not act. There is very little room for leeway here. It’s one of those things that will make or break your conversions.

Mistakes always result in loss of profits

This is the one lesson you should learn after reading this article. Your mistakes will always result in lower conversion rates. You’ll get fewer subscribers to your list and that means less people you can market to. Finding the secret sauce of success isn’t all that difficult. It’s just a matter of keeping yourself aware of what’s going on. There’s nothing wrong with admitting there are problems with your landing page. It only becomes a problem when you don’t fix the mistakes. You’re setting yourself up for failure by doing that.

Don’t be shy about asking new eyes to take a look at your landing page. You should mingle online with other internet marketers. They’ll be able to look at your landing page and give you pointers. Being able to accept and act on criticism is an important part of success. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s when you clam up and not admit to them that those mistakes turn into failures. Mistakes can be lessons and they can help you become a better internet marketer. It’s just a matter of you allowing yourself to accept your mistakes and learn from them.

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