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Leadpages Vs ClickFunnels – Why I Switched To ClickFunnels

Leadpages vs ClickFunnels – Why I Switched to ClickFunnels

Leadpages Vs Clickfunnels Landing Page Review 

The main purpose of having a landing page in your business website is to obtain from the user useful information in exchange of a special or discount. You can later utilize this user info to grow and nurture your leads and encourage them to take action. It’s just a simple give and take concept. You give your users a special benefit and they give you some of their info back. According to marketing stats, a landing page  accounts to 13.28% of conversion rates and even though the number coulf be higher, it implies potential here.

Since building a landing page from scratch is a tedious task that needs extra time and money,  there are some default tools you can use to develop your landing page easily in just a few minutes. In this review, we are making a comparison of two major players in the biz–Leadpages vs Clickfunnels below:


This is an exclusive landing page building tool that works in a simple drag and drop format. Leadpages system connects with ESPs (Email Service Providers) to obtain leads and support the nurturing stage of these leads. It’s quite easy to use for a starter and doesn’t require any coding fluency.

Here is also a list of its main features:

  • A drag and drop menu which allows easy customization of elements like images, text, and buttons.
  • A wide variety of mobile-friendly templates to use from.
  • An A/B version testing option to see which version performs better
  • Easy implementation with various software programs like CRM, email lists, and Webinar platforms.
  • Performance analytics
  • Easy WordPress plugin integration
  • SEO-optimized landing pages
  • A nice variety of default templates
  • Works with all major ESPs like MailChimp, Aweber, and Infusionsoft.
  • Allows the addition of a countdown timer to encourage quicker subscription rates
  • Integrated video fields for making your landing page an eye-catching multimedia experience.

Overall, the purpose of using the tool is to develop a landing page easily and help obtain leads–it doesn’t send emails on its own or other subsequent steps that you need other tools to develop.  You can use it to promote a new e-book offer, host a webinar, create a land-in page form or obtain email leads via sms.Additionally, you can create a social media worthy thank you page in minutes, just like Powtoon did already to encourage action from its B2B leads.

The tool also allows easy integration of e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Interspire as well as e-mail campaigns and compatibility with digital marketing platforms like Facebook and Google Adwords.

In regards to pricing, Leadpages basic pack for starters costs $25/month while the pro pack costs $49/month and the agency pack is $199/month. A 2-year subscription yields more discounted rates.

ClickFunnels Overview

Although not an exclusive landing page tool, this sale funnels platform can also be used to build great landing pages in minutes, using a broad range of customizable templates.


As it name suggests, this also has features that go beyond a landing page that enable you to arrange your whole sales funnel system. You can easily create thank-you pages and webinar registration pages or even arrange the billing component if you wish.

Clickfunnels key features:

  • Simple drag and drop editing of pages
  • Integrated landing page software
  • A/B version testing tool
  • Email automatic response software
  • Entire website hosting
  • Broad range of pro templates
  • Several sale funnel tools
  • Conversion monitor stats
  • Membership platforms
  • Opt-ins
  • Training webinars and programs
  • Text messaging steps

The platform makes it very easy for beginners to kickstart their landing page and sales funnel nurturing journey. The first and foremost step when you join the platform is to pick a suitable sales funnel out of 6 ready-made options. You can then drag and drop your message and personalize it by dragging and dropping elements as you wish. The third option involves setting up your next action patterns e.g emailing and texts and the final step is to launch your funnel.

Cost-wise, the average pack is valued at $97/month and comes with a 14-day trial. The pack includes 100 pages to choose from, 20 sales funnels, and 20K visitors a month as well as easy connection with shopping cart and billing CRMs.

Final overview:

If we examine all the features and aspects of both the above platforms, we’ll see that Clickfunnels is definitely more extensive and handy as it’s more than just a landing page developer. The primary focus of the first one is just for building landing pages–nothing more, nothing less. While Leadpages sounds like a cheaper option, Clickfunnels offers much more value to the web owner and marketer as it has several sale funnels features not found in another platforms separately. In the end, you will obtain much more by using Clickfunnels and its price isn’t bad considering its rich feature list.

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