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Make Money Online with ClickBank in 2018

Making Money With ClickBank As An Affiliate

If you already know the basics of affiliate marketing or have even experimented with affiliate websites before, chances are, you have seen the ClickBank ban somewhere on the net.

In fact, there are many success stories of people making $300 or more per day through Clickbank. And we are here to show you how you can become a Clickbank affiliate and get some cash out of the process.

So what is exactly Clickbank and can you make cash out of it?

Clickbank is an online retailing platform that hosts thousands of digital goods like ebooks, guides, software and videos or informational webinars. They basically act as the middlemen of sellers and affiliate partners. And why not? The platform is hugely popular among both sellers, affiliates and buyers and makes it easy to connect with everyone involved in the process.

If you are a seller of course, you have to launch your own product and use the Clickbank platform to sell it. Then, you have to choose a niche/category where your product fits e.g arts/humanity, and let any interested affiliates see you and promote your stuff. The tracking process is initiated using some special affiliate id links and cookies that let the vendor see where exactly the sale originated and how to credit the affiliated account with the commision.

As a start, most people start off as affiliates and once they have gained some valuable marketing experience, they become sellers.

Why Choose Clickbank Over Others?

Even though there are other competitive platforms offering similar features, Clickbank sounds the most lucrative one because of the following, unique perks:

  • Very generous commissions. If you thought that 30-50% commissions are good, how about raking in a whopping 70% commision for every product you sell as a Clickbank affiliate? You may think that sounds too good to be true, but this actually what you get. The reason why they offer such a high commision rate is that the goods on sale are merely digital and thus there no shipping costs, no production costs, and extra costs that come with physical goods.
  • The pay you quickly. Unlike other platforms who hold payments for as much as 30 days, which is totally inconvenient if you ask us, Clickbank pays out their affiliates 1-2 times a week. It doesn’t get any faster…
  • International affiliates welcome. Even though this is a US-based platform, international affiliates are welcome and can easily be compensated using Payoneer- a widespread international payment platform that lets you receive funds from anywhere in the world.

So how much money can I possibly make?

This a tough question as the exact figures you may earn will vary–some people make as much as $300/day (after making let’s say 8-10 sales), while others make $15-50 per day or even week, which is the average profits you will generate from each single sale commision.

Newbies may find themselves waiting for a few months until they land their first sale and this is actually pretty common. However, if you become really good at promoting other’s stuff, hitting 4-5 sales a day/$100 in total isn’t that challenging.

How Can I Make Money With ClickBank

The entire process involves several key steps you have to follow, but nothing extra hard. In general, these three pillars should be the basis of your clickbank affiliate strategy:

  • The product. This will be the product you will choose to promote after registering your affiliate account. Finding the right product takes some research and exploration though. If you head to the marketplace stats and look up a certain product under a certain niche, you will see a series of useful stats that indicate the popularity and profitability of that product. One of the most major indicators is the so-called “gravity”. A high gravity rate indicates that more affiliates are making money from this product. However, more affiliates would equal more competition which isn’t the greatest thing when you are a newbie. However, once you promote a product wisely e.g through engagement, video sales, and social proof you will still profit regardless.
  • The Funnel. This is the whole path or in other words journey, your buyer will go through till they finally make a purchase. You can do this for example, by direct linking to the vendor’s page, directing the visitor to a landing page, an offer, or an opt-in form that will build your email list.
  • Of course, all your previous efforts would go in vain without actually getting people to check your affiliate products. Having a robust SEO strategy is the key to get more traffic to your affiliate materials. You can use for example PPC like Google Ads or banner ads, or organic social media paid search e.g Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Ultimately, the key to Clickbank affiliate success is finding a profitable niche product after doing your research, exploiting all available sales funnels, and of course carrying out a strong SEO campaign that will drive real, organic traffic to your affiliate website.




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