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Make Passive Income Online with Affiliate Marketing 2019

Is it possible to make money online with affiliate marketing?

The short answer to this question is yes. Sure, it’s possible to make money promoting products and services online. That doesn’t mean everyone who reads this will make money. You’ve got to be committed to the task at hand. If you’re focused, anything is possible. No one can be denied the reward for hard work if they are willing to put forth the effort.

Can you get rich quick?

Everyone who wants to become an affiliate marketer does so because they saw someone on YouTube talk about how much money they earn. These people want you to believe that you can get stinking filthy rich with little or no effort. The truth is far from what these guys are pitching. Most of them have something they want to sell you. If you only follow their course, riches is possible. Most of these guys are nothing but scam artists. They’re fast talking snake oil salesmen who understand what it takes to make a sale.

All of this doesn’t mean you can’t get rich by promoting affiliate programs. It simply means it’s not going to be as easy as these guys want you to believe. If you’re willing to put in the work, anything is possible. We all know this is the truth. Everyone knows at least one person who has fought tooth and nail to get where they are. It was the result of hard work and dedication to their craft. If you too are dedicated, it’s possible to make an almost endless amount of money.

Does passive income really exist?

The short answer to the question is, yes, it does exist. Some people make quite a bit of money through passive means. What you need to keep in mind is the effort required to make such money. Passive income is the result of building a brand and a site that people can rely on. It also means that you promote services that people will use again and again.

There are many different types of passive income. One of the more popular methods of earning a passive income is by producing what’s referred to as evergreen content. This is content that will never go out of style. This kind of content is good because people will find it useful for years to come. Google and other search engines will send you traffic for as long as your pages answer relevant questions.

Another way of making passive income is by selling services that require a monthly membership. The end user will continue to pay the monthly fee as long as the service is useful to them. This is a great way to earn a passive income if you promote quality services that people use. The sky is truly the limit if you promote something that everyone needs. This is something you should consider when promoting such services. We’ll talk more about that a little later on.

What’s the best way to start out as an affiliate marketer?

This is a question that’s asked repeatedly by everyone who wants to make money online. The real answer isn’t one that anyone wants to hear. You need to read. Spend as much time as possible reading everything you can. There is so much to learn. You’re going to have to learn how to operate a website. You’ll also need to learn how to get traffic to your site.

The biggest mistake you’ll ever make is thinking that all of this is a piece of cake. You may think that all it takes is buying a domain and getting some hosting. The truth is so much further than that. You’re going to have to spend countless hours learning how to build a site and get traffic to it. Sure, there are some aspects to all of this that have become easier over the years. WordPress does in fact make it much easier to run a fantastic looking site. Years ago it would’ve taken a lot of coding to do the same exact thing by hand. WordPress is free and it’s the best CMS around. You’re still going to have to learn how to use it. There is a learning curve involved in just about every aspect of all of this. Those who wish to believe they’ll make money within a few short hours or days are living in a fantasy world all of their own.

The importance of being seen as an influencer in your niche

There was a time when the internet was young and no one cared if you knew what you were talking about. It was much easier to convince people if you just had a website. Those days are long gone. People today care about your reputation. They want to know who you are and what you’ve accomplished. This isn’t something that you prove overnight. It takes time to build a following and for those people to trust you.

It doesn’t matter where you go to build up your influence. It can be on YouTube, Facebook, or your very own blog. You’re still going to have to put in the hard work of getting people to trust you. The way you do this is by proving yourself. You must prove to the public that you know what you’re talking about. Depending on the niche, it will require you to do a lot of studying. That is, unless you already know about the topic. Someone who has a green thumb shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever talking about gardening. However, someone who has never planted a garden before, will need to do a lot of research.

Build trust and offer value to the public

The way you build trust is by offering value to the public. They will trust you if you’re able to prove yourself. How do you do that? The best way to do so is by giving people free information. If you run a blog, then it’s best to make sure all of your content is out in the open. Don’t hesitate when it comes to having videos as well. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a mailing list and connect with people that way as well. You should offer up as much information as possible without any restrictions whatsoever. Make the content easily available to everyone. This will help get your name out there.

No one respects anyone right away. Trust and respect are both earned. Think right now about your favorite YouTubers. How long did you watch them before you considered them an authority at their topic? It wasn’t right away. You watched them over time and in the process built up trust. This doesn’t mean that you trust everything the person says. There are many people in the make money online niche who aren’t always 100% trustworthy. You’ve no doubt come across a few of these people. It could be said that 90% of the time they’re honest. It’s that other 10% of the time that you have doubts.

Test as many products and services as possible

You need to know what you’re talking about. People will catch on if you’re clueless. If you’re promoting SEO tools for example, you’re going to want to try them out. At the very least you’ll want to use the trial version if they have one. If not, then you might as well pony up and subscribe. There’s no real way around this. You can in theory give a review of something that you’ve never owned or used. However, this isn’t a good idea. You want to be able to be as thorough as possible. You won’t be able to give tips and tricks to the end user if you’ve never used the service yourself. Giving out this valuable and useful information is a good idea if you’re promoting services with a reoccurring membership. It’ll give them one more reason why they should continue paying. That means you’ll receive commissions from them for a much longer period of time.

Do your best to only promote quality products and services

Too many affiliate marketers only promote offers that make them the most money. This is a very easy way to ruin your reputation. Often times the offer that pays the most isn’t always the best. You need to give an honest review of what you’re promoting. If it isn’t the best, then don’t say so. You can get away with telling people exactly what you think about something. You may be surprised to find that they’ll still join even if you don’t over-hype the product or service.

With all that said, you should only promote offers that are up to your own standards. Would you pay money for it? If not, don’t expect others to. Making a fast buck here isn’t what you should be concerned about. You want to build trust and a passive income at the same time. Both are doable if you’re focused on quality over quantity of affiliate offers.

Don’t be overwhelmed in the beginning

You’re not going to rush to the bank right away. It’s just not possible. This doesn’t mean you can’t reap some benefits from your hard work. Honestly, you’re probably going to put in several months without seeing much, if anything, in terms of results. Everything has a way of growing over time. You also must realize that sometimes even the best ideas fail. This is especially true if you’re new to the world of online marketing. You’re going to fail. Most of you will fail a lot. No one rides a bicycle without falling off the first few times. Making money on the internet is the exact same thing. You’re going to have all kinds of failures and missteps. You may even find certain levels of failure in your successes.

You’ve made it this far because you’re serious about making money online. The next step is yours to take. There’s plenty of available information to make it all happen. It’s just a matter of taking action. You may not know the right direction to go in now. That’s not as big of a deal as you may think. By far the most important thing is that you actually do take action. The first steps are always the most difficult. There is no easy way around this. The education you receive will become priceless. You’ll be able to see your mistakes and learn from them. This is all a learning process. Those who are willing to allow themselves to learn from their failure will eventually see success. The path to financial freedom is paved with failure and acceptance of that is what’s needed to achieve greatness. Anything short of that and you’re sure to give up and blame everyone but yourself. In the end, this is what separates those who make a good living and those who don’t.

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