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The 5 Most Common Marketing Funnel Mistakes (That Will Destroy Your Business)

The 5 Most Common Marketing Funnel Mistakes (That Will Destroy Your Business)

The five most critical landing page mistakes

Every online marketer makes mistakes. You better get used to it. Those who are successful learn from their mistakes. They see them as a learning opportunity. Those who think everything they do is right are setting themselves up for instant failure. Take a look at these five mistakes and see if your landing pages contain any of them.

Confusing calls to action

Somehow you got the visitor to your landing page. Now it’s your job to convert them. They’ve already done something to click on over to your page. These visitors have already shown interest in what you have to offer. Make sure the call to action button is easily noticeable. A major mistake some people make is by having more than one call to action button. This won’t increase joins one bit. It’ll actually create confusion and that always is a recipe for disaster.

Out of control design

You’re not trying to become the next famous impressionist artist. All you’re trying to do is make a little money. Odd ball colors and layouts do nothing but distract the visitor. Just keep it simple. Have your text and graphics be center stage. Keep it all flowing smoothly and don’t confuse the eyeball. Everything should have a flow to it. The eye should naturally gravitate to your call of action button. Anything else is more than unnecessary, it’s actually a hindrance to your conversions.

Stay on topic

Your message should be consistent from start to finish. You shouldn’t promote more than one thing. A person who’s interested in organic haircare products won’t care in the slightest about spicy recipes. This may seem like a given to anyone who is reading this. Even the slightest divergence from your topic can lower conversion. It’s possible to get off topic even within the niche you’re talking about. Have a laser like focus and only talk about what’s necessary. Everything else is static and will only clutter the mind of whoever is reading your text.

Complicated submit forms

The bare minium information is what the submit form should contain. Submit forms that are too complicated will scare off people. No one likes to fill out a long form. It’s even worse if you’re doing it for a person or company that you know nothing at all about. There is a limit of both time and mental processing power people are willing to spend. Have as few boxes to fill out as possible. You’re just trying to collect information and not the visitor’s entire life history.

Not tracking and optimizing based on data

Every part of the process should be tracked. Use that data to see if there are any bottlenecks. There could be parts of your landing pages that are attracting more clicks. Maybe it would be a good idea to put your call to action in that area. Information is power. Those who make the most of it have the results to prove its value. You can’t blindly go into online marketing and just expect to succeed. Finding out what part of your landing pages work best is vital in knowing how to improve them. A shot in the dark usually means you’re going to lose money.

There is no such thing as too much information. The more you know about your visitors the better you can convert them. There are free tools such as Google Analytics and paid services such as Crazy Egg that you can use to track your visitors. You should use both to make sure you’re tracking and following the behavior of your visitor. A small investment in understanding what you’re visitors are doing will go a long ways into making your online business profitable.

Mistakes are actionable lessons

That’s exactly what they are. Thinking of them as anything less creates additional problems where they shouldn’t exist. There is no such thing as a perfect person. Your landing pages are going to be filled with mistakes. This is true on day one of your internet marketing career and for those who’ve been doing it ten years or more. Mistakes are the only consistent thing in business. Learning from them is a must. People who think of themselves as experts often end up in the poor house. Their inability to see faults in their marketing plans ensure their failure.

These are just five mistakes people make. You should go out and visit as many landing pages as possible. Come up with your own list of mistakes they’re making. You’ll soon begin to see patterns. The mistakes listed above are the ones you should pay close attention to. That doesn’t mean there aren’t more. You’ll stumble upon little mistakes along the way. Everyone has their own unique mistakes that they make during the process of creating a landing page. Learning what you’re faults are and how to correct them will improve your conversions greatly.

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