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Six SEO Tips To Optimize Your Landing Page in 2018

Landing Page SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization is the one thing that’s most commonly overlooked when it comes to landing pages. Did you know your landing pages can rank in Google? They can and this means free traffic that can be turned into subscribers. Who doesn’t love free? You can get your fair share of the organic traffic by following these simple steps.

1. Do keyword research

How you do this is quite a tricky answer. Most people would use Google Keyword Planner and see how many searches are performed for particular terms. While others may use paid tools to see how much traffic a keyword gets. The problem with this is, none of these tools are accurate. No one really knows other than Google how many times any keyword is searched for. This isn’t information they’re just going to offer up to anyone.

The best way to find keywords is simply by typing in google. Type in your keyword and check out the instant suggestions. This will give you an idea what people are typing. Scroll down and see what the searches related to your keyword are. What you want to do is find search strings with results that don’t have strong competition. Don’t worry about how much traffic a search term gets. Instead, worry about competition. Kind keywords that have weak sites listed near the top and you’ll actually be able to out rank them.

2. Make the URL of your landing page keyword rich

First off, your landing page should be made with a domain you own. You don’t want to keyword stuff the URL. You just want to drop a keyword into the URL. It should look like or something like that. The URL should be short and to the point. Search engines actually see he words in your URL and they can help you rank. It’s not a major factor, but big enough of one that you should pay attention.

3. Scatter keywords throughout your landing page

Much like with your URL, you don’t want to overdo it with keywords. This can actually have a negative impact on your search engine rankings. Keywords help Google to understand what you’re site is about. You want to use the right ones and pepper them throughout your text. Think of keywords as perfume, too much is a bad thing. Just a little goes a long ways. Don’t try to rank for keywords that your landing page isn’t about. You’re trying to tell Google what you’re site is about, not game the entire system.

4. Optimize for speed

You want your landing page to be hosted on a fast server. You also want to optimize the code and images. Page load speed is vital for Google. This doesn’t mean you should fall for over priced SEO hosting. Just make sure you’re in the top 80% of the fastest sites on the internet. The reason Google cares is that slow loading pages create a poor user experience. Most people who land on a page won’t sit around and wait all day for it to load. The user will hit the back button if the page doesn’t load within a few seconds.

5. Get quality backlinks to your landing page

There is some debate if intentionally going out and getting backlinks to a page is black hat or not. Some believe the only white hat way of link building is not to do any at all. A quality page in their mind will automatically get backlinks. There is a fine line between white hat and black hat link building. Just avoid spamming and building links that happen automatically. Always remember that Google cares about the quality of the link. If you’re going to seek out links, then they definitely need to be super high quality.

6. Landing page SEO is an often overlooked aspect of marketing

How much traffic can you really expect to see from Google and the other search engines to your landing page? This is debatable. It could range from none to a small amount. This is great traffic though. Plus, it’s absolutely free. Don’t think of SEO as just trying to rank in Google. Think of it as improving the experience of those who visit your site. After all, most SEO is about making changes to your site. Those changes should result in a better experience for anyone who visits your site.

Your landing page and site will both benefit when you put the user experience before anything else. When you do this, you’ll be rewarded with precious search engine traffic. You should always remember that gaming the system only offers short term benefits. Don’t use questionable tactics to rank in Google. Build and maintain a quality site that has an effective landing page. Doing so will turn your visitors into customers. There are no short cuts. That doesn’t mean there’s no way to improve and get more traffic. Always seek out ways to improve the user’s experience and it should result in more traffic. That in itself should grow your list and give you more opportunities to make money.

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