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Top 4 Alternative Sale Funnel Builders to ClickFunnels

The Top 4 Alternatives To ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels is perhaps the most famous and widespread sales funnel software out there. Upon first glance, the software has everything that a marketer needs to develop their sales funnels–from landing pages developer tools and templates to affiliate third-party apps. However, since Clickfunnels is by no means perfect or suitable for everyone, considering an alternative that fits your needs could be the way to go. And if you aren’t sure which one will work best for you, nearly all of these alternatives come with a free trial which lets you test the waters and decide for yourself if the program is worthy of purchasing or not.

So here are the top 5 alternatives to Clickfunnels and a brief overview of each: 

1. Instapage vs Clickfunnels.

If we examine the basic features and use of both of these programs, they don’t seem to have much in common. Instapage, for instance, is a mere landing page development tool that lets you easily and quickly develop and publish premium and highly efficient landing pages. On its own, the software doesn’t offer enough sales funnel options but you may use it alongside other third-party automation tools like InfusionSoft to build more sales funnels. Also due to the fact that it specializes mainly in the creation of landing pages, if you have sorted out all other sale funnels already or simply want to pay attention more to this aspect,  this software is for you. There is also a landing page option on Clickfunnels but it’s not as extensive or user-friendly as the Instapage one.

Price comparison: Instapage is $29/month (for only one or two sales funnels) whereas Clickfunnels basic pack costs $97/month (for multiple sales funnels).

2. Leadpages Vs Clickfunnels.

Another landing page developing tool, similar to Instapage. The main perk of using this program is that it lets you build professional looking landing pages in minutes, without having to know CSS or HTML coding or hiring a coder to do it for you. The tool offers a wide range of templates to choose from, a drag and drop builder tool that lets you move objects in seconds, and multimedia optimization among others. Like Clickfunnels, it also offers A/B testing mode to see which landing page seems to do the best in terms of user reaction. Additionally, it allows the integration of third-party marketing tools like Active Campaign, AWeber, Convertkit, and other lesser known tools.

Price comparison:  The basic package for leadpages costs $25/month which is a less costly alternative, however the features are limited. In Clickfunnels the average package is $97, however, you get far more features all at once at this price point.

3. Infusionsoft Vs Clickfunnels

Unlike the previous alternatives who are mainly landing page builders, Infusionsoft offers just as many features as Clickfunnels and even more. The software is designed for giving several options to mid-size  and growing or large businesses and help them streamline all their sales funnels in one place. Features include landing page builder, opt-in forms builder, email marketing automation, A/B mode testing, and customer stats management. All its main features are easy to use and the user doesn’t need to posses advance coding knowledge to use them. Customization of existing templates and tools takes just a few clicks. One of the top 3 strongest points of the software is probably their email marketing campaign set-up tool. This is a feature offered by Clickfunnels as well, but it’s not as powerful and extensive in options as Infusionsoft.

Price comparison: A basic Infusionsoft pack which features up to 2.500 emails per month and a number of up to 500 contacts costs $99/month. However, the professional, all-inclusive pack costs $379/month as opposed to Clickfunnels pro pack which is $297.

4. GetResponse Vs Clickfunnels.

Getresponse is virtually a landing page developer, email marketing, and marketing automation tool catered mostly to the needs of small and medium online businesses. The platform offers a really smart and customizable landing page builder that allows the user to choose from a wide range of templates. Same goes for email customization. The platform may not have the most professional looking templates out there,  but its vast collection of options and user-friendly interface still make it a great Clickfunnel alternative. The platform, like other programs of its kind, also has an A/B testing tool allowing you to evaluate the performance of your landing pages and email automation campaigns. Overall, a good option for managing your email automation campaigns and landing pages.

Price comparison: The basic pack of GetResponse costs just $15/month, however it doesn’t come with extensive email campaign features. The max version of this with more options is priced at $165/month as opposed to Clickfunnels $297/pro pack. However, Clickfunnels comes with much more sales funnels and features that justify its high price.

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